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As practising Clinical Psychologists, based in the UK, we apply our expertise in evidence-based psychological models and techniques on a daily basis.  We constantly translate psychological theories and models into practical ideas for everyday use, in order to overcome complex challenges. 


With over 45 years combined experience and a proven track record of using our skills to create meaningful change; we apply our psychological knowledge and skills to the corporate world to help your organisation move towards your goals, values and KPIs.  We will help across many areas of working life, including staff resilience, well-being and team cohesiveness.

We will design and run training and workshops grounded in evidence-based psychological models and techniques; delivering tangible skills, all tailored to the unique characteristics of your business and your team.


Dr Xav Brooke, Dr Angharad Rudkin and Dr Lucinda Walsh are a team of Clinical Psychologists and co-founders of Propel.

Xav, Angharad and Lucinda all started their careers in Clinical Psychology within the NHS, before launching highly successful Independent Practices in Hampshire. This has furnished us with a knowledge and appreciation of using psychological theory and practice to guide practice at an organisational level.


With a shared energy and passion for applying their expertise in psychology to to real-world situations in business and organisations, Xav, Angharad and Lucinda created Propel. 


What Dr Rudkin, Dr Brooke and Dr Walsh did was give us a shared vocabulary, language short-cuts.  On our best days, we all know how to communicate sensibly. 

Propel training equipped us with the tools to be better and more conscious of our impact on others, and gave us ways to quickly remedy when we go wrong.  As our team evolves, we will definitely ask Propel to help us evolve personally too

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Based in the United Kingdom, we are here to assist. Contact us by clicking on the button, emailing info@ukpropel.com or via our social media channels.